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Who Created Samora Bot?

Who Created Samora Bot?

Samora Bot was developed and owned by Programmer Saheed Yekeen. He developed Samora Bot in Dec, 2018 during his final year in school (Gateway [ICT] Polytechnic, Saapade, Ogun State) and he launched it in July, 2019 under his company called CodeCraft Technologies, Nigeria (BN: 2984351).

During first launching, he was discouraged due to low rating and reviews from people. But he saw the discouragement as a step to go higher and improve on the bot.

He had sleepless night from Aug, 2019 - Sep, 2019 trying to improve better by adding different features into the bot like HTML Code Editor, Offline Bible & Qur'an, Auto brain-update, Programming Tutorials, Inventory Control e.t.c.

He couldn't make any update in Nov, 2019 because he answered a clarion call (NYSC camp).

Samora Bot was not well-known in Nigeria until he added a feature called Free Website & Chatbot Builder in May, 2020. This made his bot more popular and even gained many positive reviews and rating on Google Play Store.

Samora Bot has many users who have built free websites and relied on it for their business growth. Every funding and publicity are handled by him alone.

Samora Bot has below features as of Aug, 2020:
1. Website and Chatbot Builder
2. Website To Android app
3. Offline Fun Zone - Chatting with robot
4. Free tutorial courses like programming, digital marketing, Marketing Management, Business law e.t.c
5. CBT Builder
6. Custom Form Builder
7. To-Do List
8. Translation of 48 different languages
9. Offline Bible and Qur'an
10. Shortening of long URL
11. IP address Information lookup
12. Story Books
13. Motivational Speeches
14. Inventory Control System
15. 1000 Facts To Know

Official website:
Play store:
Samora School:

About Programmer Saheed Yekeen

Saheed Yekeen is a programmer that enjoys using his obsessive attention to detail, his unequivocal love for making things, and his mission-driven work ethic to literally change the world. That's why he's excited to make a big impact at a high growth company - CodeCraft Tech, Nigeria.

Programmer Saheed Yekeen is the CEO at CodeCraft Technologies(BN: 2984351), Nigeria and he is always sought out opportunities and challenges that are meaningful to him. He has never stopped engaging his passion to help others and solve problems.


Mobile: +2348161610410
Nationality: Nigeria

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