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How To Convert Website To Android App - No Android Studio Needed

How To Convert Website To Android App - No Android Studio Needed

Today, I will share you a vital information on how to make a daily income by converting websites into Android app for people and earn cool cash from it. Many people need Android version of their websites or blogs but they don't know how to go about it.

I'm going to train you and give you a software to convert websites or blogs into Android app without any coding or technical experience. Let's go


Some of interesting features that you will like when you convert websites or blogs to Android app:

  • Auto Updating: App keeps itself always synchronized with latest content from the website converted. All changes reflect live!
  • Your Own Branding: There will be no branding on the app converted, all the apps you create will be completely your own, white labelled with private branding.
  • Monetize With Admob: You can easily integrate Banner or Interstitial AdMob ads into the app converted.
  • No Annoying Ads: No annoying ads in apps you create; only you configure what to include.
  • Your Own Keystore: Sign the apps using your very own keystore, no dependencies on it, only you represent the app converted.
  • Easy To Use: Powerful set of tools that allow you to customize everything.


  1. If you select Local HTML Website, you will be able to convert local HTML files into Android app. But if you select Web URL, you will be able to convert either website or blog into Android application. 
  2. Package Name: This is a unique name for an app. E.g This name will serve as identity to the application especially when published to Google Play Store. You can put anything you like inside the boxes labeled 2 in the above diagram.
  3. Custom Error Page: This is where app will direct to if internet connection is not found. If you leave it default, default Error HTML page will be used. If you select Custom, you need to upload your own HTML page. I will advise you to select custom and customize a very nice HTML page. Don't worry, customized one is inside the converter software zipped file I will share you.
  4. Please do not put http:// or https:// when adding website or blog link.
  5. Note that 1000ms=1sec so to mean 5secs, you have to type 5000 inside Duration box. This duration is the number of seconds the app splash screen will display. And if you don't want Splash Screen, click on blank but don't forget to enter inside Duration box.

  1. App Title Bar: is a horizontal bar located at the top of a screen. It displays the title of the app, name of the current document, or other text identifying the contents of that screen.
  2. Desktop Mode: will make the apps to accept a desktop view.
  3. Full Screen: You can make the app full screen. Meaning that it will hide date, battery percentage, network e.t.c that are fixed on top your device.

Leave the rest the way they are.


In case you want to add Google Admob(to display advert in the app) click on Enable under Admob Monetization. Provide your Admob settings and click on Save. This will make Google ads displaying in the app.


When you click on Customize App Permissions located under Change Icon button, this will bring out above dialog window. Uncheck/remove all and leave only VIBRATE because Google Play Store may reject some permissions unless you provide Privacy Policy.

You can now click on GENERATE APK to build your application.

In case you wish to publish your app on Play Store, don't click on GENERATE APK yet. Follow below steps:


Click on Keystore & Signing at the top, it will bring out above dialog window.

If you already have Keystore, you can select Custom Keystore else go for Website 2 Apk Default.

After this, click on Import & Apply

Finally click on GENERATE APK


Once your app is built successfully, you will find it in the folder you selected at where I circled above.

You can install the app on your phone to test run it

Download the software: Here

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