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Samora Bot v1.7.0 has been officially released on Play Store

Samora Bot v1.7.0 has been officially released on Play Store

Samora Bot is a powerful artificial intelligence that interacts with you like a human being.
Samora is a computer-generated application that is capable of having a virtual conversation with a human in such a way that they don’t really feel like they are talking to a computer.

You can chat anonymously with Samora as well as learn some programming, business, digital marketing courses and many more.
It is 100% offline application which means it does not necessarily need mobile data before it works. It runs on Android platform version 5.0 upwards.

This Chatbot provides the following as of its version 1.7.0:

1. Offline chatting with a robot as if you are chatting with a human
2. Definition of any term
3. Free tutorial courses for computer science, business administration, marketing students and others.
4. Website Builder
5. To-Do List
6. Translation of 48 different languages
7. Offline Bible and Qur'an
8. Shortening of long URL
9. Conversion of website content into PDF
10. IP address Information lookup
11. A supportive community forum
12. Story Books
13. Motivational Speeches
14. Inventory Control System
15. Samora Connect

Let me explain how Samora application works in details.
1. Virtual Chatting: You can chat with this application as if you were chatting with human being. You don’t need data connection before chatting and it will reply you instantly. It was purposely done because of boredom and it will solve your boredom moments.

2. Definition of any term: You can ask any question on this application. It will reply you very well most especially if your questions have a word like:
a. Define
b. Enumerate
c. What is
d. Explain

3. Free tutorials: You can learn from Samora Chatbot. It provides tutorial on courses like
a. Web development
b. Computer fundamentals
c. Software programming
d. Human resource management
e. Management principles
f. Marketing management
g. Business law
h. Amazon marketplace
i. Digital marketing
j. Facebook marketing
k. Instagram marketing
l. YouTube marketing
m. Twitter marketing
n. Microsoft Word
o. Microsoft Excel
p. Microsoft PowerPoint
q. Adobe PhotoShop

4. Free Bulk SMS: You can use this Chatbot to send bulk SMS to many phone numbers. Maybe you want to send message to church members, customers, your friends e.t.c

5. To-Do List: Samora Chatbot provides a task management system called To-Do List. You can use it to manage and save what tasks to be done and time you want to execute those tasks.

6. Translation of 48 Languages: This Chatbot can convert or translate 48 different languages to other languages with no stress. Just input your text and select which language to translate it to.

7. Offline Bible and Qur’an: You can read offline Bible and Quran. All you have to do is to select book in Bible to read and enter the chapter and verse. And for Quran, you can select language to read maybe Arabic or English.

8. Shortening of URL: Samora Chatbot can help you to shorten a very long URL into a small URL.

9. Website to PDF: Sometimes you may want to read some contents in a website every time, you can use Samora Chatbot to convert website content into PDF so that you don’t need to be connected online before reading website content again.

10. IP Address Lookup: Samora Chatbot can tell you more information about your IP address.

11. Community Forum: It includes a supportive forum that connects people to share their talents and ideas.

12. Story Books: You can read free story books.

13. Motivational Speeches: You can read free motivational speeches.

14. Cloud Based Inventory Control: Samora Chatbot provides Inventory Control System for business people. They can use Samora to track and monitor their sales and items from any location in the world.

15. Samora Connect: It tells public what you can teach them or learn from what others know. This platform connects learners and teachers together.
I believe with this little explanation of Samora Chatbot, you will be eager to download it.

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